A is for Affect

B is for Behaviour

C is for C-Wheel

D is for Development

E is for Energy

F is for Flexibility

G is for Grammar

H is for Holistic learning

I is for Imagination

J is for Jazz chants

K is for Kinesthetic learning

L is for Learning to learn

M is for Multiple Intelligences

N is for Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)

O is for Oracy

P is for Praise

Q is for Questioning techniques

R is for Relationships

S is for Storytelling

T is for Technology

U is for Understanding

V is for Vocabulary

W is for Writing

X is for Xenophobia

Y is for Young Learners

Z is for Zone of Proximal Development


  1. Dear Carol,
    Recently this year we’ve started using your 500 activities manual in our classes. It’s our core book! I teach EFL and children’s literature to 3rd and 4th year university students who are about to be primary school teachers. They love your book in the same way I do. Teaching is a passion and it’s a very generous profession. Thanks for being so generous to share your ideas with us. Best, Laura

  2. Hi, i like dis site, and i need d way to teach my children and understanding thank

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